Always a student of observation in nature, I have a deep appreciation for the beauty of the earth and a passion for capturing magnificent images. I’ve explored both commonly visited sites as well as remote and unfamiliar terrains in order to express the beauty of nature through the camera’s lens.

The desire to create and inspire has been the guiding force in my life, transcending my life’s journey as a photographer, watercolor artist, and self-defense instructor. The professional tools all vary, but the motivation remains—to help others feel connected and inspired. 

As I get older, I find myself turning to nature for my personal and spiritual growth. I’m drawn to places of mystery where I can feel at peace with the power of the earth’s spirit.  Whether the subject is an exotic location like the lush Hawaiian Islands, the imposing Matterhorn, the winding canals of Venice, the majestic red rocks of Sedona, or my neighboring state park-- I’m eager to share my visual collections to motivate and encourage others.

- Michael Malandra



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