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Here you'll find many of my pieces of artwork and photography transformed into the wonderful world of puzzle solving. Puzzles are one of those magical games that develop: Improved Memory Improve Problem Solving Skills Improved Visual-Spatial Reasoning Increased IQ Teamwork Lower Stress Levels Awesome activity for family night and get togethers.

14x20 500 piece puzzle $65.00 plus shipping
31x21 1000 piece puzzle $75.00 plus shipping

Each puzzle is printed on a satin finish pre-diecut puzzle board. Comes with a metal tin box imprinted with the puzzle's assembled image.
_MG_3836 31x21 Crop_MG_5269 Moab 31x21 CropIMG_2358 31x21 Crop_MG_1756 31x21 Crop_MG_9547 31x21 Crop_MG_2388 31x21 CropIMG_2876 31x21 Crop_MG_8823 31x21_MG_6800 31x21 Crop_MG_3851 31x21 Crop_MG_9782 31x21 Crop_MG_4898 31x21_MG_1783 31x21 Crop_MG_2199 31x21 Crop_MG_2945 31x21 Crop_MG_6327 31x21 Crop_MG_2211 31x21 Crop_MG_6912 31x21 Crop_MG_4488 31x21 CropIMG_2322 31x21 Crop