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both it's ups and downs.  More important no matter what happens it's the mindset and outlook that will shape our attitudes and outcome for us all.  How we think and look at what's happening will either create negative or positive energy.  It’s no easy task, I understand, but I feel if we can learn to make a habit out of keeping a clear and positive mindset we can then see what opportunities lie in front of us as well as overcome the negative and learn from it. With that being said let's all look at 2021 as a new and fresh canvas, we are artist so lets work on painting the picture we all want to see for ourselves, families and communities.  I chose these beautiful macro flower prints for this post because if we look close enough we can find beauty or life lesson in just about everything we see and experience.


Flower Macro 1 12x12 CropFlower Macro 1 12x12 Crop

These are 12x12 square metal prints, they are perfect to display individually or in collages of 2, 3, 4 or even more to create a unique look.  Click the images to access the gallery.


White Flower 12x12 CropWhite Flower 12x12 Crop


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Cathedral Rock https://www.michaelmalandra.com/blog/2020/12/cathedral-rock _MG_1756 Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ_MG_1756 Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ Cathedral Rock is a natural sandstone butte on the Sedona skyline and one of the most-photographed sights in Arizona.  The rock formation is located in the Coconino National Forest in Yavapai County.  The Cathedral Rock trail is a popular short with a steep ascent from the Back O' Beyond trailhead to the saddle points in Cathedral Rock. The summit elevation of Cathedral Rock is 4,967 feet.

There are four main vortexes in the Sedona area, Cathedral Rock being one of them.  The Cathedral Rock vortex is considered to the the strongest at  “Red Rock Crossing” right on the Oak Creek at its closest point to the rock formation.  The vortex energy of this area is said, by many, to be feminine providing feelings of softness, receptiveness and compassion.  Regardless of how one feels about vortexes or their energy Sedona is a beautiful and peaceful place to get in touch with oneself and to feel the beauty of mother nature.

Printed on metal, canvas or fine art archival luster paper in 2 different sizes, the images in this blog will bring any room to life with class, sophistication and elegance.  Click the link to check it out, any questions when ordering please message me. Clicking on the image will take you to the metal gallery. 

_MG_8823 Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ_MG_8823 Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ




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Little Red Lighthouse https://www.michaelmalandra.com/blog/2020/11/little-red-lighthouse _MG_5404 Little Red Lighthouse NY_MG_5404 Little Red Lighthouse NY The Little Red Lighthouse, officially Jeffrey's Hook Light, is a small lighthouse located in Fort Washington Park along the Hudson River in Manhattan, under the George Washington Bridge. It was made notable by the 1942 children's book The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde Swift, illustrated by Lynd Ward. The lighthouse stands on Jeffrey's Hook, a small point of land that supports the base of the eastern pier of the bridge, which connects Washington Heights, Manhattan, to Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Published in 1942, this children's book uses the story of the building of the George Washington Bridge next to the small lighthouse to affirm the idea that even the small are important. The book begins by introducing the lighthouse. Every night a man climbs up to the top of the lighthouse and uses some keys to turn on its flashing light, allowing it to do its job of warning the boats on the busy Hudson River of the rocks nearby. When there is fog, the man additionally turns on the lighthouse's fog bell. The lighthouse is pleased with and proud of its important job.  The book ends by encouraging the reader to go to Riverside Drive in New York City and "see for yourself" the lighthouse next to the bridge. The "great gray bridge" is clearly the George Washington Bridge, though it is not named in the book. 

Printed on metal, canvas or fine art archival luster paper in 2 different sizes, this image will bring any room to life with class, sophistication and elegance.  Click the link to check it out, any questions when ordering please message me. Clicking on the image will take you to the metal gallery. 


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Spanning the Hudson https://www.michaelmalandra.com/blog/2020/10/spanning-the-hudson Edited_MG_4459 GW BridgeEdited_MG_4459 GW Bridge Standing mighty and tall spanning the Hudson River connecting NNJ with NYC the George Washington bridge is a double-decked suspension bridge.  Designed by engineer Othmar Ammann and architect Cass Gilbert, construction started in 1927 and was completed in 1931.  During the first full year of operation in 1932 more than 5.5 million vehicles used the original six-lane roadway. As traffic demand increased, additional construction became necessary. The two center lanes of the bridge, which had been left unpaved in the original construction, were opened to traffic in 1946, increasing capacity of the bridge by one-third. The six lanes of the lower roadway were completed in 1962.

I shot this image from the Fort Lee Historic Park overlook late summer a couple years ago.  I converted the image to black and white giving it an old school historic feel to this iconic and beautiful structure.  

Printed on metal, canvas or fine art archival luster paper in 2 different sizes, this image will bring any room to life with class, sophistication and elegance.  Clicking the image will take you to the metal print Gallery.  


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Long Exposure Photography https://www.michaelmalandra.com/blog/2020/9/long-exposure-photography _MG_6800 Watkins Glen NY_MG_6800 Watkins Glen NY

Slowing the world down by blurring motion and color will add an artistic flare to your shots. Some of my best work has been captured this way. A slow shutter speed, small aperture for depth of field and a low ISO will turn your camera into a paint brush. When shooting in this fashion use a tripod to eliminate camera shake as well as a polarizing filter to cut out glare and saturate the colors.  In my next blog I'll go over the exposure triangle and also give a diagram to better explain how to get a good exposure when shooting.



_MG_8823 Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ_MG_8823 Cathedral Rock Sedona AZ

_MG_3836 Venice Italy_MG_3836 Venice Italy

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The Art of Photography https://www.michaelmalandra.com/blog/2020/9/the-art-of-photography _MG_2128 Harriman St Park NY_MG_2128 Harriman St Park NY So many times i'm asked the question, how do you take such beautiful pictures?  Well the answer is simple, well not that simple but it starts with understanding your camera's setting’s and exposure, but also goes much deeper than that.  Beauty in art comes from ones inner soul, it’s deep inside all of us. We must open our minds, be creative and nurture our personal style for that beauty to happen. Keep reading and let's get out that camera or camera phone and start creating some beautiful art.



_MG_4488 NYC_MG_4488 NYC What's Creativity?

The use of the imagination to develop original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic piece of work. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. If you have ideas, but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.

There’s no text book for being creative. Creativity is personal, it gets developed through years of practice, trial, error, mistakes and doing something over and over again.


_MG_6396  Randersacker Germany_MG_6396 Randersacker Germany What's Personal Style?

Personal style is developed from your creativity. Style is how one brands their work. It’s not developed by only following the rules, it's developed on how one applies the rules, breaks the rules, and adds their personal touch. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

To Develop Your Personal Style:

* Be creative
* Take chances
* Trust your inner voice
* Do what comes natural, don’t force it * Think outside the box
* Use your imagination

A Successful Photograph Must:

* Tell a story
* Have a center of interest
* Lead the viewer
* Have balance
* Make an impact on the viewer bring out emotions.


_MG_3836 Venice Italy_MG_3836 Venice Italy


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GuitarScapes https://www.michaelmalandra.com/blog/2020/8/guitarscapes

_MG_4760 GuitarScapes_MG_4760 GuitarScapes

_MG_4075 GuitarScapes_MG_4075 GuitarScapes What does one get when you put some really cool boutique and vintage guitars and photography together, GuitarScapes of course.  GuitarScapes was born when Douglas Myer of Mountain Cat Guitars approached me with the idea of photographing some of his instruments.  We came up with the concept of staging the instruments in a natural landscape tying together the device that man uses to make sound with mother nature's palette.

Many of the images were shot in Harriman St Park, NY as well as other locations throughout the New York region.  Sound is part of nature, we are all part of nature and the concept of taking an instrument of beauty and bringing it together with the beauty of the natural world seemed like the perfect scenario for me to capture.

GuitarScapes is an on going project that we continue to grow and expand when that perfect instrument enters The Mountain Cat Shop and calls out to be photographed with the beauty of Mother Nature.  Look our next GuitarScapes series coming out this Fall which we will be doing with a really cool manufacture called Teye Guitars.  You can check out Mountain Cat Guitars at the link below or give Doug a call to set up an appointment to visit his shop. 

Mountain Cat Guitars

(845) 918-1607



_MG_3917 GuitarScapes_MG_3917 GuitarScapes _MG_4742 GuitarScapes_MG_4742 GuitarScapes
_MG_4687 GuitarScapes_MG_4687 GuitarScapes

_MG_4024 GuitarScapes_MG_4024 GuitarScapes

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The Perfect Shot https://www.michaelmalandra.com/blog/2020/8/the-perfect-shot _MG_9557 EditedCenter StageCenter Stage - Antelope Canyon Arizona Every landscape photographer strives for that perfect shot, the perfect sunrise or sunset, and, of course, the perfect location that looks like it came right out of a story book. So many times we, as artists/photographers, can be let down if we hope and chase that “perfect scenario.” This is not because it’s not there, but because we don’t see it. We need to let go of what we are conditioned to believe is the “ultimate photo” and let the pieces fall into place naturally. When we open our eyes and see without any preconceived thoughts what we will see is a palette of endless opportunities to guide us to that perfect shot.

When I photograph a place I want to capture the spirit of that place and it can’t be done by just snapping a photograph. For me the camera is nothing more than a tool. For a photograph to be successful and speak to the viewer, it must be an expression of the person who took it. For this to happen when I’m shooting, I need to feel the place I’m in, I need to feel as if I’ve become part of it. When I get to a location I may want to shoot, I first walk around for a bit and take in what I’m seeing and feeling. I’ll sit down and just stare out into the distance for some time, but most of all I let my creativity take over. I never try to force the shot or let my thinking take over. I let it happen naturally, kinda like a musician playing their instrument with total feel and emotion.  _MG_4488 EditedFlatiron BuildingFlatiron Building - New York City

As a martial artist and teacher, I always emphasize to my students how important it is to trust your instincts and not let the logical brain take over or question what one may be feeling. I follow that same philosophy when shooting. Knowing the basic rules of photography, proper exposure, and depth-of-field is very important, but knowing how to use these principles, and when to break the rules, so to speak, is what makes a photograph a piece of art.

Understanding how things work, gaining as much knowledge as one can and being prepared is extremely important. Now let go of the logical thinking patterns and let your creative side come through. Trust me. Trust yourself and the possibilities of what will be created will be amazing and endless.  In Japanese
this is called Mushin, the way of no mind.

_MG_0059 Edited HDR B&W 20x30 Crop-2Blue KauaiBlue Kauai - Kauai


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Welcome to the Inspiration Corner https://www.michaelmalandra.com/blog/2020/8/welcome-to-the-inspiration-corner Be Moved...

Hello and welcome to my blog spot.  Along with the many products for sale on this website, I felt monthly product reviews, photography tips, inspirational articles and trip reports would not only answer questions but also motivate you to seek out adventure and explore your own creativity.  I’ll be posting and updating the blog every month with different posts.  I hope you enjoy the blog post and become inspired.
If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

Thank you all for your support.


_MG_5269 Moab 24x36 CropThunder RoadMoab Utah

To purchase this image click here

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